Essay about Online Dating Analysis

Essay about Online Dating Analysis

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.1. Why do some people advertise themselves for a date in a newspaper or online?
There are an endless number of reasons why people put ads out for dating, which are anywhere from convenience, to time since most of us have very busy schedules. It also allows people to get themselves out to a specific group that may or may not have been able to reach without this source. Many people don’t like the bar scene and feel it to be a somewhat more secure way of getting out there to perhaps meet new people with the possibility of meeting “the one”. For myself personally I am on a few dating sites for basically all the reasons which I have listed above. Generally the schedule I keep does not permit ample time to get out of my circle to meet new people that I may possibly care to date. In some situations it might be, a good way for more shy people to get into circulation in the dating world because it gives them a port of entry that is non- threatening nor is it as intrusive. Nonetheless this still poses many dilemmas and challenges to most that are engaging in the online dating lifestyles.
2. What could be an advantage and a disadvantage to this dating strategy?
There are some really favorable reasons for this strategy as well as some which are not so favorable. On the plus side, it is a fantastic way of screening a person want or does not want to correspond and possibly meet up with. You get a chance to talk with someone before actually doing a face to face meeting which is great so there are less feelings of rejection. You get to usually see pictures of the person you are corresponding with to see if a possible spark ignites between the two. Many individuals also do video chats to make certain that the person they are chatting with i...

... middle of paper ... stable woman with a fulltime job, own my own painting business and have my own home, truck and motorcycle. I am also a fulltime student at A.S.U. majoring in Communication and will have by B.A. by next December. I have knowledge of many things through life’s experiences as well. These are my bargaining chips that I offer up in a possible dating or relationship scenario. (2012).When looking for a partner in a relationship I look for what they have to offer in exchange for what I have to offer which helps greatly in the online dating field, it’s a form of a bartering tool I guess when seeking a partner. I might like someone yet they have no job, no home and no drive to be better and in reality would not be someone I would pursue or allow to pursue me.

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