Online Community Policing Initiative Is More Effective At Countering Online Terrorism And Violent Extremism

Online Community Policing Initiative Is More Effective At Countering Online Terrorism And Violent Extremism

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This research studies the general New York City’s public opinion of online-community policing for combating terrorism and countering violent extremism on social media websites. Online-community policing of social-media can take the form of both the online presence of state-police as well as participatory user reporting of terrorists/extremists’ user-accounts and content. Each type of online-community policing initiative is distinct in both scope and importance. Each can complement one another in the cessation of online terrorism and violent extremism. This research question considers which type of online-community policing initiative is more effective at countering online terrorism and violent-extremism according to NYC’s public perception. My hypothesis is that while the NYC public may favor participatory user reporting for policing online terrorism and violent extremism - over online-presence of state-police - the NYC public may not be as welcoming to the impediments to freedom of speech and privacy necessary for online-reporting. My project will attempt to weigh the value of online state-police presence and the value of user reporting (participatory-policing) to measure which initiative serves as the most publicly welcomed, effective and least invasive CVE enterprise in combating online terrorism and extremism.

The following list of annotations refers to the literature to be used in formulating this research project. Each source has undergone an extensive review of its writers’ authority, relation to the research project, and evidentiary standards. Together, these sources, among other methods, will provide grounding to the overall research project. Apart, each source will contribute in its own...

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...stion: ‘How to preserve global platforms that offer forums for expression while preventing groups such as the Islamic State from exploiting those free-speech principles to advance their campaigns’. This piece will also be foundational to framing the previously mentioned contradiction between security and freedom of speech and freedom to privacy/from unwarranted searches. Additionally, it will be useful in defining the issue of how to enable people to access and discuss information about terrorist groups and violent extremisms without the sources becoming distribution channels for terrorist propaganda. The due process of the source is trusted considering the article is a part of a wider Washington Post series of literature called “Confronting the Caliphate”, which examines the rise of the Islamic State militant group and efforts by the U.S. government to undermine it.

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