Online Casino Gaming : The World Of Online Slots Essay

Online Casino Gaming : The World Of Online Slots Essay

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Blog 13 - How women have fallen in love with the world of online slots

They say that when it comes to the world of online casino gaming that slots rule the roost and when you take a look at an online casino portal you will that such is the case. It seems that anyone and everyone is trying their hand at gambling online, with the latest statistics showing something very interesting. While online casino gaming is portrayed by the media as a largely male dominated affair, the stats show that such thought isn’t quite true. Women are without question getting their fair share of the action. It seems that plenty of women are getting their fix, with 85% of female gamblers aged over 30 choosing to play on a mobile device. So what is it about online slots that women love so much? What is so seductive about the genre that women can’t get enough? We’ve spoke to several different female slots players to see if we can find answers!

Fast and Furious

23 year old, single mum Jessica says that for her the enjoyment from playing online comes from the fact that it gives her a break. She said, “Between work and the kids I need to find a little me time. I had tried for ages to try and get into the likes of poker and blackjack but couldn’t do it”. She proclaims that slots are perfect for the time she has available, “Online slots are quick and simple. All I ever need to do is load up my phone, login to my online casino account, and start playing”.

Respected Tradition

It isn’t just women in their mid-20s who are loving the slots action. Speaking for the older generation 62-year-old grandmother Maureen said, “When my husband and I flew to Las Vegas, he loved the tables but I found that I had a real knack for slot machines. After arriving back in the UK...

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...r Crop may not to be a familiar name to many, but its credentials make for a highly enjoyable slots experience. Set around both a farmer and a superhero, the entire concept of the game is to see which of the pair can grow the best crops. The theme is simply barmy but undoubtedly fun, as this 3x5 slot game is a laugh a minute. Looking at the extra elements that add to the Bumper Crop experience, while it doesn’t have a set bonus round the Super Wild Tree symbol and Super Gardner symbol more than make up for that. Bizarre, bombastic, but unashamedly brilliant, Bumper Crop is game that will have countless players in fits of laughter.

You didn’t think that the above was all that’s in store did you? There is actually plenty more to come in the world of slots to come this September, so be sure to keep you eyes peeled for our look at more up and coming online slot releases.

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