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Essay Online Career Search For A Library

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Throughout my job analysis, I used two online career-searching databases to follow specific library-related positions that were of interest to me. The first database that I used was (INALJ). I find this site very accessible. It seems to give a sometimes broad interpretation of library jobs, so it is a great way to find entry-level jobs in different areas that could give you library-related experience without being in a library. Despite its ease of use and broad job types, the site is volunteer driven which can be frustrating. The job postings seem to come anywhere from one to three days later than more official job websites. The second database that I chose was the American Library Associations’ (ALA) site. I found very quickly that I liked the INAJ site more for this project. The ALA site is great if you have a specific job you are searching for as you can search not only by state but by library type, job category, years of experience, and even degrees required. However, I enjoyed INALJ’s interface more, and I found that ALA did not have as many jobs as INALJ.
As I began my search, I narrowed the types of jobs I would search for to two categories. The first job type I looked for was positions in academic libraries titled “Librarian 1-3.” The second position I looked for were any entry-level positions into special collection libraries.
Each of the academic librarian positions had many of the same requirements. Typically, the first section had soft and hard skills that they wanted prospective employees to have but are hard to quantify. The three most popular skills in this category were strong customer service, ability to work in a team, and written/oral communication skills. Each job also required a master’s in library ...

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... library.
While I do have qualifications in my favor, this project also highlighted many aspects of my professional career that I need to work on. To make myself a more marketable candidate, I am working on tackling every new project at work that is offered. I will be participating on the “Ask a Librarian” chat next summer, and I am also going to be given the opportunity to train to do “on-shot” instructional classes on my campus. I plan to take more technology classes through my master’s program at Valdosta to stay updated in this field and, lastly, I am going to attempt to acquire an internship or a volunteer position at the University of Georgia’s special collection library. The university typically offers a few internships each summer, and I feel that it would be a great way to gain experience in this field in case it is something I try to pursue in the future.

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