Online Advertising Is A Effective Tool For Creating Brand Building Essay

Online Advertising Is A Effective Tool For Creating Brand Building Essay

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(1) World wide web contains a variety of websites that are created by a certain individual or organization. The domain name (URL) is indicating the location and identity of the website. The website can be hosted on a single server in a single location, but may also be divided across multiple servers around the globe. Websites are formed by pages that contain different amounts of information along with graphics, imagery, colours, audio and video content, etc. Aaker argued that a website may be the most powerful tool for brand building, mostly due to the flexibility to be tailored to the brand requirements and in a good contrast to the customer-brand relationship. Moreover, it can rely on all the internet power to create and reinforce links between the website and other similar websites.
(2) Advertorials/Sponsored content: online advertising is a very effective tool for creating brand equity. By using banner ads and/or different other paid placements of creative imagery, visual and audio messages, marketers can stimulate consumers to surf through certain websites while building brand equity through brand visibility and smart brand associations. Moreover, marketers may choose to sponsor different activities or content through third party websites. Ryan and Whiteman described online sponsorships as creating a link between a brand and related content in a certain context, with the purpose of generating brand awareness and increasing the brand appeal. This link should be easily distinguishable from banners, buttons or other standard ad units. By sponsoring content, brands have the ultimate tool to gain leverage over other brands by gaining ownership of a portion of the internet.
(3) Emailing campaigns are mostly used for following-up o...

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...gaining market share is very limited, leaving promotion channels as the core ways to change consumers’ usage behaviours and to improve brand performances. Sales promotions seek to offer consumers an added value so that consumers are lead to an immediate purchase.
Sales promotion may be described as marketing activities that create added value or incentives that the distributors and sales force may use in order to convince consumers to purchase. This channel can be divided into two different major categories: (1) consumer oriented sales promotion and (2) trade oriented sales promotion. The first kind targets the final consumer and usually relies on offering coupons, samples, discounts, contests, raffles or other kinds of activities that will attract consumers. The second aims to promoted products and services to intermediary: distributors, retailers, wholesalers, etc.

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