One’s Ability to Write Essay

One’s Ability to Write Essay

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Writing, in general, is a way of being able to express one’s feelings and opinions about something, as well as a way of showing the amount of information someone had researched, or the amount of knowledge that the writer knows. College writing is being able to write and fulfill that purpose in an orderly structure, meaning that the written work is neatly organized. There are different ways of writing that will vary depending on the student’s major in college; there are many different types of writing that a student can apply to, like writing argumentative essays, research papers, or lab reports. I believe college writing is writing that is mainly on how well an individual is able to write, and not about a student’s grade level, so it shouldn’t be categorized as “college” writing. This type of writing should consist of little to no errors, filled with accurate information, flows smoothly, contains “big words,” that shows the vast amount of vocabulary that the student knows and can use, which shows how many words the writer knows and indicates lots of knowledge, and has a distinct writing style/voice of that writer.
College writing should not be characterized by a level of skill that college students are expected to be able to do. People should not categorize a student’s writing skill based on an individual’s grade level, and one should not just claim that college level writing is a skill that can only be done by “college students,” because each individual’s skill differs from one another. Students, regardless of their grade level, have just the same and perhaps more potential to be a better writer. There are many different views as to what college level writing is defined as, and I believe it depends on the individual’s ability an...

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...s perspective is on what college writing is perceived as. I think that college writing, when compared to high school writing, is characterized as a way of writing that makes students not only explain what an author talks about, but interpret what their words were and will have to think why the author would claim something, by analyzing the passage, which I have noticed when I took Honors and AP level English course classes in high school.

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