One Wiccans View of History: Relegion Essay example

One Wiccans View of History: Relegion Essay example

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What is Wicca? Is it an “Old Time” religion with a new spin or is it in fact a completely new religion.

While many people may say that Wicca is based on the ancient fertility cults of earlier antiquity. It is in

fact a new religion founded by one Gerald Gardener. How does this affect us as a group? Where can we

see the evidence of Wicca in antiquity?

The evidence of early forms of spirituality or mystical tradition can be traced back to the ancient

mystery cults of Isis and Bast in Rome. As well as the many groups of Grecian mystery cults that revolved

around there own Gods and Goddesses. While the Druids were a secretive group who passed down all

of their knowledge by word of mouth, there do exist some insights to their routines; however, most of

these writings come from the Roman invasion and may be largely propagandist in nature. Let us not

forget the village midwife who I’m sure would dole out love potions, find water, forecast the weather

and heal the sick, for a small fee that is. How does all of this affect modern witchcraft?

The effect of this can be seen in the writings of John Dee (court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth) who -

developed the system of Enochian ceremonial magic (1570-1580). Mr. Dee may have gotten some of his

practices from the writings of Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s four books of Occult Philosophy (1486-1553).

These writings were sure to influence Crowley in his development of his own ceremonial tradition.

Crowley would later go on to influence the world of magick and mysticism through Gerald Gardner.

Gerald Gardener is touted as the creator of modern Wicca. Born in June of 1884, to a wealthy middle

class family in England. Gerald would grow...

... middle of paper ...

...history does not define us as a

people what truly defines a witch is her morals and her works. With that said I find the debate over

history to be a moot point. I have never really been fond of Gardner’s personality however; I can’t deny

that he is the father of modern witchcraft and I am grateful for all of his contributions.

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