Essay about One Way Of The Four Seasons

Essay about One Way Of The Four Seasons

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One way they accomplish that is by thinking in a different way than many other companies. One way the Four Seasons is unique is that they start by treating their employees like they wanted their customers to be treated, while at the same time holding them to a high standard. As Mr. Sharp put it, “I didn’t want a complacent ‘good enough’ attitude creeping in.” He made sure his employees aimed for perfection, even if it wasn’t attainable, in the hopes that the customers would notice their great effort to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Isadore encouraged the frontline employees to exceed their authority and to stick their necks out, and the Four Seasons employees used this trust to turn complaints into new “new service opportunities,” in the hopes that customers would remember the outcome and not the complaint. As he put it, “we either trust them or we don’t. We can’t hedge our bets with penalties.” This “enshrining” of the Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself, was “the most fundamental decision in shaping our future.”
One great example of Mr. Sharp created a great work culture was by “treating employees the way we expect them to treat our customers.” As he put it, “we are only what we do, not what we say we are.” By putting the expendable personal first, he completely changed the prevalent style of management which was that employees had to driven by either a carrot (goal) or a stick (fear). This new way of thinking is a leading example as to why the Four Seasons is known for their world-class customer service, by caring for their internal customers to allow them to care about their external customers.
Another way that shows how much Mr. Sharp cares about his employees is evident during the recession in...

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...y industry, I feel reading this book has been a great help in terms of teaching me lessons that I will try and pass on as I begin working later in life. Valuable lessons like treating the employee like you want them to treat your customers is great advice that can be forgotten sometimes in the industry. You can never forget that your employees are an embodiment of yourself, and if you treat them bad that will lead to them treating your customers badly, which in turn gives your customers a bad impression of yourself despite never truly meeting you. In the hospitality industry even more so than other industries it is crucial that you maintain a great customer experience, and that begins with how you treat your customers. Taking this message to heart and truly embodying it on a daily basis in my future will help me be a great manager in the hospitality business industry.

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