Essay on One Solution to Global Overfishing Analysis

Essay on One Solution to Global Overfishing Analysis

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The first thing that comes to one's mind when fish is mentioned is usually, smelly, nasty, or to some, delicious. In a nutritional aspect, fish is a top priority in a diet because of the protein that it has. Many people fish for food, or just for leisure. Overfishing mainly started in the 19th century, when humans started looking for blubber for oil lamps, which they used for light during the night. When humans started overfishing for the whale blubber it severely reduced and damaged the whole population of the sea life. In the fish population, many fish such as the Atlantic cod and herring were overfished to the point where they almost went extinct by the mid 1900’s. The depletion of the fish population disrupted the aquatic food chain, which became massively catastrophic by the late 20th century. More than 75% of the planet is covered by oceans, which homes much of the world’s biodiversity and a vital source of food (WWF, 2011). Today, there is no chance for any fish on the floors of all seas to escape with all the technology all of these anglers (another term for a man who fishes) are equipped with. Humans now have the technology to find and catch every fish on the planet with all sorts of complex nets, cages, GPS systems, and many more contraptions. As a result, fishing has expanded to virtually all corners of the ocean over the past century, which has damaged fish populations. Overfishing has rapidly become a vast global issue that affects many. Recent studies found that overfishing in the ocean is diminishing sea life around the world. Overfishing makes it hard for the sea life to replenish and rehabilitate itself. Overfishing is a situation where one or more species of fish are reduced to below levels of acceptance for t...

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