One Sling-Shot and A Few Stones Essay

One Sling-Shot and A Few Stones Essay

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David and Goliath is the story of a young man who uses his few resources to tackle a seemingly impossible task; fighting and killing the gnarly Goliath. Goliath is a nine foot giant equipped with bronzed armor, from headgear to greaves. David himself has nothing more than a slingshot and a few smooth stones. With the hurl of a single slingshot David brings the giant to his knees. Set aside the battle between the two and focus on their characteristics and mindsets, they respectfully describe Grassroot organizations and big government, when aiding foreign countries. Similar to David, Grassroots organization make use of the little they have to make a large impact. Their goal is to help, which according to Alison Brysk author of “Global Good Samaritan” is the “defining principle” (Brysk, 4) of a good citizen, identifying the interest of others. Like Goliath, big governments’ a monster that has numerous resources to impact countless individual yet come up short.
Overall, grassroots effectively exercise their global citizenship since they invest into foreign countries while big government offers aid which is more harmful than helpful to recipient countries. Executive director of “Just like my child foundation,” an organization fostered around, tackling poverty and promoting self-reliance said “While Big government is stealing, planning, or redirecting, grassroots are investing in local communities, reap huge rewards and transforms.”
Before continuing, the intentions of both foundations must be identified. Grassroot movements are local organizations that focus on the well-being of the citizens in a state, “Keeping close of the peoples against ring rule and for fair treatment.” Internationally, they work to help small famers, local b...

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...t good did it do him. David’s simple resourceful materials seemed to achieve a task greater than their original intent, as with grassroots organizations.

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