One Of The Best Perks That St. Norbert College Offers Essay

One Of The Best Perks That St. Norbert College Offers Essay

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One of the best perks that St. Norbert College offers are the courses revolved around theology. Even though they might not be my favorite classes, my faith and what it means to me matters. With these classes, I can explore and learn more things about my faith and affirm a belief that I may have. During this past semester I have spent my time learning about multiple religions, beliefs, and ideas that I hold true to my faith and what others hold true to theirs. Theological Foundations has changed my understanding of revelation, faith, God, and what it means to be Christian.
Faith, a word made up of five letters that can mean millions of different things. I think this was the biggest bombshell I experienced throughout my entire time studying this semester. At the beginning of the class I thought that having faith meant you had to have a certain religion and set of beliefs. That idea quickly changed after the first day of class. When we were learning about all the different types of religion, I realized that Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam aren’t the only faiths in this world. Martin Alb...

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