One Mind: Learning With Two Brains Essay

One Mind: Learning With Two Brains Essay

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When it comes to learning we know we use our brain, but how exactly do we use our brain? This question has been asked by many people. They break it down and say we have learning styles, but then some say we don’t have any learning styles at all. Everyone’s brain has two sides that people refer to as the left and right hemisphere. It has been said that people’s personalities are developed from their dominant side. When people are learning to read or write their brain functions at a higher percent, mostly because this is the first time it has to process the information you are trying to take in.
When you look at a picture of your brain, you can clearly see a crease in the middle of the brains. This is because we really have two brains, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere; they just sit next to each other being connected by only one thing, a bridge. This is not a real bridge; it’s really called the corpus callosum. It’s a bunch of fibers wired together to connect your two brains together, forming a mind. This simple bridge feeds information from the right side to the left and from the left side to the right. In some cases they used to cut the bridge to stop people from having seizures, this did work but it led to other problems such as memory loss, not being able to put names to faces, and even not being able to dream anymore. If you were to cut this bridge before you had time to learn everything, you might have a slower learning process than most.
The left hemisphere controls the right side of your body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of your body. In most people the left brain controls; speech, language, reasoning and analysis and the right side of your brain controls auditory, visual awa...

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... that no matter how much we try to figure it out; there is no answer on which side is used more in learning than the other. It’s just a matter of what we are learning at that specific moment.

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