Essay about One Man Making a Difference: Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

Essay about One Man Making a Difference: Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

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Most people can agree on the fact that president Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States is considered to be one of the most outstanding citizens. He is known for his presidency which he fought the confederacy during the civil war where he managed to abolish slavery. Which all happened with the help of the Republican party, whom were chosen because he felt like he wanted to make a point and would need the help of a strong party to do so. Lincoln was a man of not only right doings but of moral ethics. Many that led him to be the great citizen he was. Ending slavery was the biggest of his goals. He had a strong opinion about it and was determined to accomplish it.
With his goals, he did a great deal of things. Such as leading people into expressing themselves in editori...

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