One Holy Night By Sandra Cisneros Essay

One Holy Night By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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“One Holy Night” by Sandra Cisneros and “Seventeen Syllables” by Hisaye Yamamoto both center on the idea of being in love on a low social class. Ixchel being the protagonist in One Holy Night falls in love with a man who kept coming back to buy fruits and vegetables from her while she was working the pushcart ever Saturday. Later on she discovers the man she once loved was arrested for being a serial killer but even still loved him since that was her first love. In Seventeen Syllables, Rosie the main character is told about the importance of her culture frequently by her parents. Rosie falls in love with a boy who works with her in the field but soon is told not to marry him by her mother. They are both similar because they both fall in love, come from a social class that might prevent them from marrying, family members are protective of their love life, and have boyfriends that might end up leaving them.
Both Ixchel and Rosie are similar in a way that they both fall in love at a young age. In “One Holy Night”, Ixchel only being in eighth grade falls in love easily with a man name Chaq Uxmal Paloquin who come and buy fruits from her pushcart every Saturday. Chaq coming to buy fruits from her every Saturday made Ixchel finally realize what she actually felt for him. For example, Ixchel states, “I waited every Saturday in my same blue dress. I sold all the mango and cucumber and then Boy Baby would finally come” (Cisneros, 29). This signifies that Ixchel liked him because she would wait for a guy who she barely knew just because he seemed like a man to her. Similarly, in “Seventeen Syllables” Rosie only being in highschool claims she is in love with a boy name Jesus Carrasco. When Jesus told Rosie he had a secret to tell Rosie,...

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...e didn’t want Roise being hurt because Jesus and her were on different social class.
Another way they are both similar is that they are both expected to provide for their family. Ixchel, in “One Holy Night” is seen working the pushcart for her grandmother and uncle every Saturday. For example, Ixchel exclaims, “I’d park the pushcart in front of the Jewel food store Saturdays.” (Cisneros, 28). Ixchel would work the pushcart every Saturdays because her Uncle Lalo was never on time to work the pushcart. “... Uncle Lalo’s fault because he’s the man of the family and if he had come home on time like he was supposed to and worked the pushcart on the days he was told to…” Uncl Lalo not coming home on time led to Ixchel taking responsibility of making the money for the family. She is seen selling fruits and vegetables to support their family who is in a low social class.

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