One Giant Lie for Mankind: Was the Moon Landing a Hoax? Essays

One Giant Lie for Mankind: Was the Moon Landing a Hoax? Essays

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“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” is one of the most recognized quotes by Neil Armstrong as he was taking the first human steps on the moon. But was he actually on the moon? Some would say that on July 20, 1969, man did not make it to the moon and Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin never touched the lunar surface of the moon. The explanation is that the government faked the landing and moon walk somehow. Why fake the moon landing though? This was a momentous time in American history and it could be a lie. If it is a lie there are many questions that could be asked such as why lie about it, what proof is there that says there was not a moon landing, and how would the travel in space and landing have been faked?
Before anyone can give an opinion on this, the facts given must be said. For the past sixty or so years, the United States and Russia or the Soviet Union have had a unfriendly feel for each other because of cultural differences and this creates a competitive atmosphere. The Soviet Union in 1957“launched the first artificial earth satellite” called Sputnik. This gave the United States a scare even though the satellite was not very high tech. The satellite only made a repeating beep noise in outer space but because the Soviets did it first, people in the America were worried. The United States then began to try to get a satellite in space. The first attempt was failure in which the rocket blasted off a couple feet and fell back to the ground on fire. The Explorer 1 was the Americans first satellite to get into theatmosphere and orbit the earth on January 31, 1958 but the Russians launched another Sputnik into space with a living dog in it a couple months before. So the Russians had two satellites i...

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...does not seem possible at first but if you look through the history, NASA did not just “shoot for the moon” at first. They tried to get satellites in space then got a man into Earth’s orbit and progressed up to the moon. We got to the moon and did it before the decade was out.

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