One Day As A Group Of Five Tactically Trained Robbers Essay

One Day As A Group Of Five Tactically Trained Robbers Essay

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One day as a group of five tactically trained robbers that have never been caught were finally caught. Many times, they got away with killings and robbing banks, but they slipped up, or did they? The guys were robbing a bank and got away, after switching cars they had a broken taillight and was pulled over, they stashed their money in the ground at a warehouse that no one knew of and they stopped and let the cop come up to them. They could have just killed the cop and left since the cop didn’t call for back up and the cop was out in the middle of nowhere, but they all surrendered and were taken to a maximum-security prison. This group had everything, from a family with kids, to millions of dollars and anything they wanted. These group of bad guys knew they were special, and knew they could get out of any situation if they wanted to, even a maximum-security prison. Some say they just got tired of always getting away with everything and wanted to not be on the run, and others say they just wanted to be locked up or the guilt forced them to get caught. As they were put in the maximum-security prison for life, their lives were finally going to change.
This group of five were offered a deal that no one could deny and it was by the United States Department of Defense and was a top-secret plan to use these bad guys for something good and to turn around their lives. The deal was to get immunity, see all their families again and all their assets would be unfrozen. Some in the group wanted to agree, others in the group did not, but in the end, their conscience told them to agree. This group of bad guys were forced to have a tracker put inside themselves and if they tried to run or turn on their superior officer, they would be shot and kille...

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...ack at the old warehouse and picked up their stashed cash and gave it to their families. These bad guys were taught how to use their special training for good rather than the bad they used them before. The two bad guys that died we honored with the ceremonial burial for their commitment of serving this country. The only catch now is that they are always on duty and must come whenever they are called and they still have the tackers inside of them for the rest of their lives. Unless they find out that they were played by the United States Department of Defense only one person knows and it is their superior officer. If these bad guys were ever to find out that they were set up and were used as collateral damage, then they may find a way to get back at the United States Department of Defense to get their full freedom back and undo the corruption to keep earth safe again.

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