One Bite Won 't Hurt, Will It? Essay

One Bite Won 't Hurt, Will It? Essay

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One Bite Won’t Hurt, Will It?

John Milton’s Paradise Lost is a great story on the creation of mankind and their ultimate downfall. It heavily depicts Satan’s fall from heaven, along with the other angels that revolted with him. The instance of Adam and Eve eating the apple from the tree of knowledge caused arguably one of the greatest shifts in human history in the fall of man. Milton also depicts a few phenomena that drastically changed after the aforementioned fall. The one thing that could be most heavily altered is the knowledge of mankind on their surroundings and what makes up the world. When God first created man, we were given very little knowledge on how everything works, but had enough to survive. After Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they gained most of the knowledge they oh so desired, that we can still see in modern day life, but only did so with a very heavy price.
Before the whole thing can be explained or grasped, a few background details on man’s creation and how they should live should be laid out. Banished to the realm that today we know as Hell after his revolt on God, Satan sat thinking of how to get his ever so sweet revenge on God. On the other side, God was planning the creation of a creature that closely resembled himself, but just lacking all of his powers. He would give his creation their own paradise in which they could live peacefully with only one rule, don’t eat from the tree of knowledge. The fruit from the tree would give Adam and Eve (his creation) ultimate knowledge of all things, but if they ate the fruit they would be punished and be exposed to death as well as the other cruel elements of the world we know today. The two were given their own decision making power and had free reign over mostly...

... middle of paper ..., but still have the loving affection and forgiveness of God. The things that we know and can grasp today wouldn’t be possible if Adam and Eve had not eaten the apple. Thanks in part to them, we can sit in class and learn new things about the world, especially in science classes. But the one thing we would probably not want from all of this is death, that’s one of the only sucky parts, well that and not having the ability to experience the paradise in which they lived until the end of our lives (if some are lucky enough). Who knows what life would be like if they never committed the original sin and not caused the fall of man. Who is to think if they hadn’t caused it all themselves that another person wouldn’t have behind them? The price of knowledge was pricey, but the major question that lies is was it all worth it? This is up to one’s own view and interpretation.

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