Essay about Once Upon a Time, the TV Show

Essay about Once Upon a Time, the TV Show

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Snow White jumped off the cliff, and plunged into the waters below, trying to escape the evil queen's huntsmen once again. That is one example of one that would do unspeakable things in order to survive. Everyone knows the classic tale of Snow White, but Once Upon A Time puts twists on every tale you thought you knew.

In the tv show Once Upon A Time, all fairy tales are twisted into a new form, and one of the strongest relationships between the show's most famous villain, and the one fairy tale everyone knows best, is the strongest in the series. The evil queen, like all people, was born innocent. She remained that way, until one day, she and her boyfriend were in the woods, when they heard a child's cry in the background. A girl was riding her horse, which suddenly went wild and rampant. The then woman called Regina, later to be "The Evil Queen", helped the young girl, and saved her life. Little did she know, the girl went by the name of Snow White, a girl who had lost her mother some time back, and the girl's father, King Leopold, asked for Regina's hand in marriage. Regina wished to decline, but her mother, Cora, had always craved power, power she never got herself. Regina told Snow a secret, which she vowed to keep. She was to run away with her boyfriend, Daniel, and not marry the king. Snow, days before the wedding thought she was of help, and told Cora of Regina's plans, and Cora killed Daniel. From then on, Regina hated her step-daughter, killed the king, and took over the kingdom, while running Snow out of what was rightfully hers. She ran from the queen's huntsmen for years, lived in the woods, and of course, with the dwarves.

A book series I read a lot while growing up, and was very popular during my childhood, ...

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...survive, and the personal raft they are fighting for isn't big enough for them both. Rose has to fight the freezing waters without Jack, and make it to land to survive. Jack passes away in the capsizing, and Rose loses her true love. I think the physical suffering would be very difficult, but also the psychological scarring of losing the one you truly love, to something in modern times would be very easy to avoid.

People go great lengths to survive. Whether it's avoiding an arch enemy, and fighting off trolls to win your true love over, before your queen murders him; to inventing your way out of a greedy nemesis. It could be having to let a true love go so she could survive, and you lose your life, or even more heartbreaking situations. At some point in time, we must choose between right and wrong, good and bad, and character instinct vs. the moment's emotion.

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