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Once a Princess
reconsidered her plan carefully as she sat in her appointed chambers. The spell that bound her to her lover had been cast with malicious purpose long before she was born. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on her brilliant mind. It actually felt much like being in love even though the truth was that - deep inside, both she and the crowned prince realized at some level that they were trapped together. Their families had been very close when they were young. She and the prince had spent hours together as children before her father’s kingdom had been overrun by the Sardis. After they became adults, the attraction of the spell bound them together as they progressed through the rituals of royal courtship and pledged themselves to each other for eternity.

The spell itself was the curse of the traitorous sorcerer Xzavier, who’d declared to the king, “Your grandson will destroy your kingdom. He will have the ‘wisdom of Solomon’, great physical strength and total lack morals or compassion for your people. He will rise to power because your son will marry the most beautiful and insightful woman in the realm – not the lady appointed by the stars to be the mother of the next king and this union will spell the undoing of the royal line.” Xzavier had sold his loyalty to the Sardis, but had paid with his life after exposure and a swift conviction at his trial.

This history on her mind and with regret, the Princess Valerie drew parchment, ink and pen from her drawing desk, inked the quill and began to write with perfect flowing calligraphy, “Dear John,” she began. The following words were few and chosen with meticulous care based on past months of research in the journals of court in the castle li...

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... was brief. As an afterthought he picked up a single white rose obtained from yet another walk in the garden and handed the parchment and the rose to the waiting raven.

Princess Valerie was in her chamber when Ivan flew through her window and lighted on the drawing table. She was startled to see the note and rose. Only John could get the raven to cooperate, but he’d been noticeably silent for weeks as if he’d ceased loving her. The note opened in her hand almost of its own volition.

“Dearest Princess,

Now I know why. You are a more courageous person than I could ever be. Know that I forgive you.

But remember, forever is a long time and my love is up to the task.”

As she read these words, a single tear formed in her eye, slid down the sculpted marble perfection of her cheek and dropped as sparkling dew on the petals of the pure white rose.

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