On War Against the Iraq War Essay

On War Against the Iraq War Essay

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In March of 2003, the United States along with the United Kingdom and a few other countries sent troops to Iraq. Within weeks the regime of Saddam Hussein was defeated and the capital city of Iraq, Baghdad, had fallen in war. That war, although ephemeral in form, continues on to this day.
After what can be objectively seen as an eight-year war, it is time to bring an end to at least the overwhelming majority of our military presence in Iraq. There are many valid and idealistic reasons to conclude this war for the benefit of the nation and our general public. When considering any foreign policy and its effects, what must also be considered are its costs; most important to take note of is the relative effectiveness of a plan of action proportionate to its costs. Much like a car loan where the remaining payments and interest exceed the value of the vehicle, this war effort has become upside down (in more ways than one).
There are many tenets to a war such as this, unfortunately as time wears on there is a tendency for there to be a shift in the disparity between good and bad. There are the casualties, in the beginning phases they are perceived as necessary to reach the collective goals of our country, but over time, the tedium of such loss coupled with a decline in results makes for a less enthusiastic justification. In addition, as a world power, the actions of our country are relevant to all the other countries of the world and are thusly scrutinized accordingly. Our continued participation in an unpopular war has a non-positive effect on the perception of our country and its policy decisions. Not to mention that insofar as the rest of world can separate the average American citizens’ mores from said policy decisions, the...

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...nts to one thing: the conclusion of the Iraq War.

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