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The On The World Trade Center Essay

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The morning of September 11, 2001 changed America forever. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and family all were deeply affected by the terrorist attacks that occurred on this tragic day. Nineteen al-Qaeda members hijacked American planes, flew them completely off course, and killed thousands of people in the matter of seconds. 9/11 will forever be in the minds of each and every American for generations to come. Each moment after the attacks was extremely crucial. Who had done such a terrible thing? What can we do to help? September 11, 2001 deeply affected America. The events that happened on this day destroyed famous buildings, caused an uproar with numerous conspiracy theories, and continued to affect American citizens for years to come.
The World Trade Center, located in New York City, was opened the spring of 1973. The World Trade Center was a huge complex consisting of “nearly ten million square feet of office space for about thirty-five thousand people and four hundred and thirty companies.” ( The two buildings were the tallest in the world at the time, and attracted around seventy thousand tourists every day. Both towers were very similar, however the North Tower had a three hundred and sixty-two tall antenna resulting in a total height of one thousand three hundred and sixty-eight feet tall. The South Tower simply stood one thousand three hundred and sixty-two feet high. Each tower was absolutely massive in size. The towers both contained ninety-nine elevators, twenty-one thousand and eight hundred windows, and the towers had its own zip code they were so large.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, America was changed forever as numerous citizens stood helplessly looking at the heinous scene...

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...up was incapable of destroying America’s military, they targeted landmarks and large noticeable areas. Knowing that the World Trade Center would be a very busy, and heavily populated area, the terrorist group proceeded to to perform the unthinkable acts. America was beginning to get involved with Middle Eastern countries and was trying to help them become more developed. Al-Qaeda quickly saw this as a threat, being as the group was not fond of American ways or anything to do with America. The terrorist group quickly became infuriated at America’s intervention, simply because they did not any any American influence in Middle Eastern governments. The now angry extremist group planned, acted, and succeeded one of the most horrific and devastating events in American history.
The days following this horrific event, the aftermath of the destruction was indescribable.

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