The On The Texts Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

The On The Texts Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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This essay will briefly explain my point of view on the texts Sophocles, Antigone translated by Paul Woodruff and Plato, The Apology translated by Benjamin Jowett. Mainly focusing on when Antigone refused to obey the king 's command not to bury her brother with Socrates ' refusal to obey the Athenian court if it commands him not to engage in philosophy. I think that in actual fact Socrates and Antigone were both strong influential individuals of their time, because they had confidence in God which lead them too stand up for what was right and with all their strength never backed down from death.
Antigone, the daughter of the Late Oedipus, discovers the news of her two brothers Eteocles and Polyneices death. But what made Antigone more furious was that her Uncle Creon who is now king, gave a proper burial for Eteocles’ and not to Polyneices’. King Creon gives an unreasonable command to retain Polyneices’ body from a proper burial; he would rather leave his corpse on the battle field ground to be eaten by dogs and crows. Which in fact is the ultimate disrespect being that it wasn’t ordered by the Gods and also no one is allowed to wail nor have public tears for him. If you were caught going against the King’s command, you will be sentence death. Only for the reason that the Argos army came to help Polyneices claim his thorn. But it only caused the two brothers to kill each other leaving the city with no king. Hearing these new laws does not sit well with Antigone so she goes against Creon’s command and gives her brother a proper burial, only leading to her death.
In the Apology, Socrates’ is an old seventy year old man who lived in Athens all his life. While living there many politicians, poets and other individuals have grown a h...

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...en though she refused to follow the king’s command she still went on with the punishment. Antigone’ shows how much of a strong woman she really is, she could of took this chance to plead for her freedom. As for Socrates he was old and already knowing that the Athenian court would not agree for him to go on and continue his philosophy he believes that there is not propose of living so he would prefer death if he could not stand up for what he believed was right and speak what he wanted so he ask for death.
In conclusion, I gave you my thoughts on Antigone not obeying the king 's command not to bury her brother, with Socrates ' refusal to obey the Athenian court if it commands him not to engage in philosophy by giving three main points because they stood up for what was right, they had faith in god and with all their strength never backed down from death.

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