Essay on The On The Road Of Success

Essay on The On The Road Of Success

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On the Road to Success
I recently graduated from a leadership academy presented by our Human Resources personnel through the City of Salisbury. The class was founded by former City Manager David Treme. His goal was to instill a new style of leadership in the city’s ranks of department managers in order to promote a Servant Leadership management style. The class was appropriately titled the City Manager’s Leadership Academy. I was the third such class of twenty students to have the opportunity to attend, and as a result of this nine month course, I became motivated to gain more education in order to be considered for promotion. I realized that my success would come with higher education.
Thinking that my goals were out of reach, I began putting my education dreams on the back burner. As more time passed, the less I thought about obtaining a college degree. I began making excuses to justify the means. I would tell myself that I was as high as I was probably going to go anyway, so why bother. I don’t have that much more time until I retire, so it wouldn’t really be worthwhile to go back to school. It won’t get me any more money, and I would throwing my money away – money that I didn’t have. After all, I hated high school, so what rationalization could I find to go back to college?
Until one day a buddy of mine gave me the inspiration I needed, sort of. Jason was hired six months before I was, so he had seniority over me. Through the years we became very good friends and completed a number of tasks together. But during a promotional process for the rank of Sergeant, he was promoted over me. Jealousy reared its ugly head, and I was feeling the pains of being left behind. So I made up my mind that I would never agai...

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...the world will I get the money to pay for this? I’m too old to start school again. I hated writing research papers, and now with undergraduate studies, will that not be an every class thing? What about my job? My family? My “me time”? How can fit this into my schedule? I certainly don’t need any more stress in my life.
All the pressures falling down on me. And as she always does, my wife brought me back to reality. Her simple instructions: “pray”. “Ask God”, she said, “Where He wants you to be. Pray for the wisdom, the strength, the desire. Pray that God will be the author and carry the pen in His hand for your research papers. Pray that God will make the time you need to complete your studies. Ask God for his help.” And because of that advice, I’m here, writing my first of many papers as a college student who is on the road to success. Hallelujah!

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