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The On The Path And Walking It Essay examples

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There is a difference in knowing the path and walking it.  All Waiest practitioners should know this by heart so you can seize opportunities and so you can meditate on this daily to heighten your sense of awareness and enlightenment.  It will also help you to share the vision so you can explain what Waiest is and actually show knowledge in what you practice, helping us to further our cause. 

The Waiest Arts - The Art of Your Journey - The Power of You!  The Waiest Chi Monk ~ I am a Waiest. This is not a label. This is the art in which I train. I am a part of everything. I am of all minds and of all ways. I do not study just one path up the mountain but I study the mountain. I am a nomad of the mind. Everywhere is my temple, every day is my special day, and universal life is my teacher. I Practice Waiest® Qigong ~ The Internal Arts™

I am Waiest ~ Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome! Waiest is a lifestyle and a way of thought. The Waiest Arts are not based on one’s beliefs but on how one conducts oneself. Your beliefs are your beliefs and there are many people in this world with many beliefs that conduct themselves very badly! All thinking themselves very righteous! The Waiest Order was founded on the concepts of honor and discipline and that we all must find our own way. It is your journey to be lived. Do not impose it upon others.

To be a true Waiest practitioner one must train in the Waiest Arts through our Waiest Arts Home Study Program. The Waiest Arts were specifically designed as a home study course because it is the art of your journey, the power of you and only you can walk the path.

Waiest® Qigong is a Personal Success Home Training Program where you will discover new and ancient forms of meditation, philosoph...

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...  It is the one thing that you had when you were born. It 's the only thing you will have left at the end of this journey. It is the constant between the moments. Is the anchor within a river of change. It is like the air as it is always around you and a part of you. But you have to become aware of your oneness with it through study and meditation. To be at one with universal life is all there truly is. All else is nothing more than tools towards this goal, to be at one with universal life and at peace with all things. We, as a species, have the special ability to evolve ourselves through free will from human animal to enlightened inner peace and oneness with universal life for we are spiritual beings having a human experience. To be at one with universal life is all there truly is. And it 's through this that we can overcome life’s trials. The true test is within. 

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