The On The Island Of Montserrat ( Northern Region ) Essay

The On The Island Of Montserrat ( Northern Region ) Essay

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Born on the tiny island of Montserrat (often referred to as Emerald Isle of the Caribbean), I grew up in a very loving and caring society. My parents did not have the opportunity to go to college, and instilled in us at a young age that education was the key to understanding and to opportunities in life. In 1997, eruptions from the Soufriére Hills volcano demolished 2/3 of the island including the capital where major businesses, government offices, and the high school were located; leaving most residents scrambling to pick up the pieces and adjust to life in the “safe zone” (northern region). With our home in the unsafe zone, my parents made the difficult decision to allow my sister and myself to relocate to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to live with my aunt. They made the sacrifice to remove what became a constant uncertainty in our lives and not allow the volcanic destruction to have a negative impact on our learning environment.

I attended Coconut Creek high school, where I was an honor student, actively involved in numerous organizations, and also participated in various community service projects (graduating with the silver cord – 250 + community service hours). Because of my academic success, student organizations involvement and community service, I was honored with the Coconut Creek High School Hall of Fame Citizenship Award. I later enrolled at the University of South Florida, and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Master of Public Health Degree shortly thereafter. I initially attended USF because of my love for science and the medical field, but was introduced to public health when I enrolled in an elective course. The knowledge I gained in this course ignited a passion for health care poli...

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...learning and teaching abilities, I am currently enrolled in the Preparing Tomorrow 's Faculty Program offered by The Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. I also recently started working in the Office of Student Involvement, providing non-traditional student support and graduate outreach programming.
My studies here at UCF, in addition to my work experiences are providing me with a unique perspective in pursing my goals of conducting research and improving the continuum of care in treatment of opioid addiction and HIV. A doctorate in Public Affairs with a concentration in Health Services Management and Research will provide an array of opportunities in academia, research and governmental agencies as a policy analyst amongst other options. This journey is filled with challenges, which I have come to embrace as I move forward in my academic career.

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