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The On Single Sex Schools Essay

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Education is arguably the most fundamental tool a person can have; it sets the foundation for future success and directly affect earning potential. There are numerous controversies regarding education and there seem to be even more debates regarding schooling. Although there are multiple views regarding schooling, the main area of concern, seems to be, whether or not single-sex schools leads to better academic outcomes for students. The popular opinion is, single-sex schools leads to better academic outcomes than co-educational schools. Most people infer that single-sex schools lead to better academic outcomes, simply due to the contrast between males and females. Logically they accredit the differences in gender to differences in learning styles, making a legitimate argument for single-sex schools. What does Jean Mercer conclude from this rational assertion?
According to Mercer, teen boys and teen girls are extremely different, aside from the obvious reasons; these gender differences, in turn, leads to different treatment and outcomes for males and females. Yes, Mercer believes there are fundamental differences between the two genders, but she doesn’t agree with the contention, that students who attend single-sex schools have a scholastic advantage over students who attend co-educational schools. Mercer doesn’t agree with this claim because it’s exceptionally challenging to document, whether males and females have different academic needs and abilities. Mercer states that a 2005 study by The United States Department of education found that single-sex schools and co-educational schools to be equivocal. There’s essentially no solid evidence that there are academic differences between single-sex schools and co-edu...

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...hools. All in all, Chris Blake makes a legitimate case for integrated-sex schools, in his article, The Advantages of a Coed High School, by dispelling common myths and backing up his claims with solid research.
A meta-analysis was funded by the National Science Foundation and published within a span equating more than 30 years including a sample of nearly 2 million students grade K through 12 from 21 countries. This study concluded that there was no significant evidence, to show girls scholastic aspirations were higher in single-sex schools. There was another analysis performed b professor Janet Hyde, showing single-sex school advantages to be “trivial and in many cases, nonexistent” (). These analyses basically conclude, there really isn’t a need for single-sex schools, simply because there’s no evidence showing significant academic advantages to single-sex schools.

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