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Family is an exceedingly important part of our everyday lives. Whether we have been reared in traditional family life or not we recognize the importance of growing up in a strong family environment. Being part of a military family is different though with the military families having to face harder situations than those regular families. They are constantly striving to overcome the negative trials as well as deal with their positive incomings. Children are often negatively effected, the significance of building family bonds increases, and the spouse are put through an abundance of stress.
The children of military families commonly go through a great deal of negative changes. These types of families are not easy, especially for the kids, who often experience mistreatment. For example, “the rate of child maltreatment increases by 30% for every 1% increase in the number of active duty soldiers who depart or return from combat deployment”(Sogomonyan and Cooper). That is like having at least two families of the ten who are facing deployment increase in maltreatment. While a parent is in deployment, children are at high risk of mental health issues, and are going through one of the most stressful times in their life. Changes that are noticed include, school performance, lashing out in anger, worrying, hiding emotions, disrespecting parents, feeling a sense of loss, and symptoms of depression. The statistic of children in depression is one in four kids who are a part of a military family experience depression.(Sogomanyan & Cooper) This number shows how badly military children are affected by their mother or father’s deployment.
Erecting and fortifying bonds between family members is critical to the happiness of a family. When you k...

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