On How the Environmental Issue of Deforestation Has Similarities as Cod, a Fish that Changed the World

On How the Environmental Issue of Deforestation Has Similarities as Cod, a Fish that Changed the World

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Within the readings from the book, Cod: A Biography of a Fish that Changed the World I will be addressing in this paper how the environmental issue of deforesting has several similarities as Cod. Without proper conservation and preservation efforts, the forests will too be in the same state of depletion as the Cod. According to the American Heritage Science Dictionary deforestation is defined as “the cutting down and removal of all or most of the trees in a forested area. Deforestation can erode soils, contribute to desertification and the pollution of waterways, and decrease biodiversity through the destruction of habitat.” (AHSD, 2005)
Deforestation can be attributed to various causes such as logging, farming, population expansion, shifting cultivators, and politics. Trees can also play a critical role in the absorption of greenhouse gases that fuel the issue of global warming. Fewer forests would mean larger amounts of greenhouse gases that would be entering the atmosphere which would then ultimately increase the speed and severity of global warming. Due to these issues risk management measures are needed to be taken in order to protect the environment effectively from complete destruction with no return.
A simple solution for this issue would to simply be to stop cutting down trees however National Geographic concludes that “a more workable solution is to carefully manage forest resources by eliminating clear-cutting to make sure that forest environments remain intact. The cutting that does occur should be balanced by the planting of enough young trees to replace the older ones felled in any given forest. The number of new tree plantations is growing each year, but their total still equals a tiny fraction of the Earth’s fore...

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...sity of New Hampshire, and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. (NASA, 2007)
There are several considerations such as political, social, legal, and cultural that is brought into the consideration of deforestation. The struggle between deforestation policies and diverse public policies that promote land use change is also considered an important threat that would project need to confront. Governance and legal security can be considered as solutions to this issue. “One of the reasons for trying to use incentives that link the provision of environmental services and the non-deforestation of the forests, is that several of the regulation mechanisms and control command used in the past decades, have not been necessarily effective. In other words, in many cases, the availability of a law has not been sufficient to avoid forest degradation or deforestation.”(Capella, 2009)

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