The On Gender Inequality During The 21st Century Essay

The On Gender Inequality During The 21st Century Essay

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I like the quote from President Obama that opens up chapter 10 on gender inequality, “These traditions may go back centuries; [but] they have no place in the 21st century” (Mooney 318). Tradition often times can become the enemy of progress, and although it’s important to acknowledge your own cultural bias when criticizing another for their own backwards values, when it comes to human rights abuses and endangering the well-being of others it’s important to remain vocal. Although transgenderism has permeated American culture for a long time, mostly jeered at by making fun of stereotypical representations of all non-cisgender individuals as drag queens, divas, butch, etc., it really became a debate at the forefront of American culture in 2015 when former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner announced his male-to-female transition and became known as Caitlyn Jenner. Sex changes have happened in the past, usually on the fringe of society, but it’s an unprecedented occurrence with such a high-profile celebrity. At the same time, M.C. v. Medical University of South Carolina was underway in the Supreme Court system over the distinction between sex and gender. According to the textbook, sex is officially defined as “a person’s biological classification as a male or female” while on the other hand gender is defined as “the social definitions and expectations associated with being female or male” (Mooney 320). Therefore, while one could be born male and biologically be considered as such, they could feel more comfortable identifying as the opposite gender, as transgender individuals do. Though gender inequality is undeniably still present today, I do think it’s a bold claim the textbook makes that “there is no country in the world in which men and ...

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...rtaken by some religious groups are fruitless and in fact dangerous making homosexuals feels as though they’re freaks of nature that need to be changed, which is untrue and scientifically impossible. These efforts have thankfully been found to be illegal by the Superior Court of New Jersey, on the basis of consumer fraud and false-advertising since these programs have been proven unsuccessful in changing one’s sexual orientation. Unfortunately, Pope Francis has backed anti-gay protest and stated that “the [Catholic] Church will never accept gay unions” so religiously-backed gay marriage may be a long-time coming. In the meantime, homosexual individuals must continue the fight, especially overseas in countries where homosexuality is still harshly punished, and fight to be legally recognized as equals and receive the same rights as the cisgender, heterosexual majority.

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