The On Capitol Hill By Dr. Harold Pease Of Taft College Essay

The On Capitol Hill By Dr. Harold Pease Of Taft College Essay

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According to estimates, including one from Dr Harold Pease of Taft College, “Today there are between 9 and 15 thousand lobbyists working on Capitol Hill seeking ever-larger portions of the tax pie for their faction. Purchased politicians can’t say no.” (Pease) This relatively simple statement is, at the same time, a stark warning that interest groups have ever-growing influence on our government and, subsequently, our democracy. Interest groups have been around politics ever since founding fathers drafted the Constitution. Only then, they were called factions, but were, nonetheless, looked upon by the drafters of founding documents with a healthy dose of skepticism. They too saw the danger in special interest groups, still were unable to outlaw them. Thus, interest groups kept springing up in America. First there came charities, followed by trade unions and employer’s organizations. Professional associations came next and, finally, civil rights groups and environmental organizations. While at any given moment these groups exerted higher or lower degree of influence on lawmakers, it appears that today that influence is the greatest it has ever been.
The most common type of special interest groups today are those formed around businesses, corporations and trade associations. These groups are very powerful and often deemed by critics as having undue influence. They put pressure on policymakers by lobbying them and, also, helping finance their re-election campaigns. The whole process works both ways as politicians get financial backing from special interests and, in return, they vote according to desires from those groups. In some cases, lobbyists are even involved in procedure of drafting the particular legislations. This, by ex...

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...bring into politics large amounts of money, breeding corruption and fostering pay-for-play climate in Washington. Third and final, these groups create another layer of diffused power, one that seldom, if ever acts in the best interest of average Americans. That is probably why they are designated as special interests. In the end, the name says it all. Special interest groups are in the game for their own, special interest. Politicians should come together and stand for what they believe and represent, and should not be effected by the use of the material thing, whether its money, going to lunches, gifts, and objects of that nature. These are just some of the methods that American politics in the twentieth century was effected by special interest groups. Interest groups have grown this much in this century and will seemingly remain to progress in the coming centuries.

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