Essay about On-Campus vs. Off-Campus vs. Commuting

Essay about On-Campus vs. Off-Campus vs. Commuting

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There are many decisions to be made when coming to college, and one of them is deciding where to live. Do you want to stay on-campus, off-campus, or commute? Our purpose in this report is to inform you of all the options available to you on the State University campus. Of course you’re not going to just randomly choose whatever you like. So instead of looking at all the positives and negatives yourself, we have compiled a nice little report for your viewing. This should and will help you decide what options best for you.

The recommendations that are being made have been thoroughly looked into and aren’t biased. To come up with results, we decided to break down each of the options into different sections. The total cost of each option was a variable. Multiple things were taken into account when calculating the cost, which will be presented in the report.
GPA was also looked into to evaluate school performance; surveys were given to people asking two questions. Whether they lived on-campus, off-campus, or commuted, and the other question was what their GPA was. The only people surveyed were the ones who have attended university for at least a semester. Grade point average can be used to evaluate school performance because it’s calculated from past grades.
Another factor in the deciding what option to choose was amnesties. Looking at all the different living situations available, whether it was, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Lastly, a list of cons had been compiled for each option.

Definitions/How to use
The terms used in the report aren’t too hard to understand. Just would like to note, that whenever “options” is mentioned, it means the choices you have of on-campus, off-campus, and commuting. Just ...

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...cause you’ll be too busy driving back home.

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