On Being Sane, Insane Places `` By David L. Essay

On Being Sane, Insane Places `` By David L. Essay

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“On Being Sane In Insane Places” by David L. Rosenhan examines different experiments on whether or not someone can be mistreated due to the fact that they are labeled sane or insane. There is normality and abnormality, but is there really sane and insane? According to Rosenhan, he conducted an experiment with a few others who pretended to have schizophrenia. They were admitted to a mental hospital, and were asked to do various tasks to keep an eye on them. One of these tasks was writing inside a notebook to keep track of what they were thinking, and what went on inside their head.
To “normal” people, writing in a notebook can be a habit of boredom or creativity. However, since Rosenhan was thought to have schizophrenia, his writings were perceived as a way to express his thought through his condition. None of the doctors payed close attention to these patients, and let them continue writing. Later on in the experiment, patients within the institution began to grow skeptical of Rosenhan and his fellow experimenters. The doctors blew this off too, saying that it was just the p...

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