The On Adult Development And Health Care Costs Among Older Adults With Diabetes

The On Adult Development And Health Care Costs Among Older Adults With Diabetes

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There are many perspectives on adult development that are closely related to societal modern issues. In particular, adults in their later phase (old age) are faced with issues of pharmacology and medication because as adults get older these issues become more complex and important to an individual. The issues we are addressing are the increasing cost of medication, polypharmacy and health care expenses.
Healthcare. A blessing for some people or a financial burden to others. As adults get older, the struggle to be able to afford medication can be very stressful. It is easy to conclude that as people get older they are more susceptible to health issues. Therefore, having the financial stress of not being able to afford medication is a big issue. To get a better idea of this crisis, a recent cross-sectional study was done. The name of the article being, “Problems paying out-of-pocket medication costs among older adults with diabetes” is a perfect example of how this financial stress plays a role in diabetic people. The objective of the study was to identify problems faced by older adults with diabetes due to out-of-pocket medication costs and the results were interesting. According to the article, “A total of 19% of respondents reported cutting back on medication use in the prior year due to cost, 11% reported cutting back on their diabetes medications, and 7% reported cutting back on their diabetes medications at least once per month. Moreover, 28% reported forgoing food or other essentials to pay medication costs, 14% increased their credit card debt, and 10% borrowed money from family or friends to pay for their prescriptions. Medication cost problems were especially common among respondents who were younger, had higher monthly o...

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...r access to lifesaving medications. The number of adults within the ages of 50-64 living without health care is beginning to increase immensely and will continue to increase if nothing about the healthcare system is not changed. AARP states that most states allow health insurers to charge higher premiums based on age and health (2010); therefore, it causes the older adults to have a difficult time securing health insurance, and most times their application for insurance is denied due to existing health problems. Luckily, ACA has helped many individuals receive health insurance because insurers must accept all applicants including those with preexisting conditions (AARP, 2010). There are still many issues which need to be fixed, but the current changes are a much needed step in the right direction. We can only hope that the future continues to lead us down that path.

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