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The On A Search For Poetry Essay

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When on a search for poetry in the media, one does not have to look very hard. Poetry and poetic elements are included in a wide variety of texts and multimedia that we see, read, and interact with daily. Books, magazines, movies, and songs are strong, obvious examples of this. More unorthodox poetry is found on t-shirts, in news headlines, and in advertisements. Similarly, poetry is fundamental in the representation of a brand through its slogan. Businesses develop a slogan that exemplifies their brand experience in a short sentence or phrase. The slogan, “i’m [sic] lovin’ it” was chosen to serve this purpose for the McDonald’s corporation. Three words is considerably shorter than the traditional idea of a poem. However, this slogan is an exceptional example of poetry in the mainstream media because of its concise message and emotional appeal, multiple interpretations, and auditory elements.
Poetry, in essence, is a compact way of conveying information. Simultaneously, poetry expresses the feelings and emotions of the speaker to a specific audience. This is often achieved through the usage of metaphors. When reading a poem, more than one interpretation of what is written can be established. Language is constantly evolving. Consequently, so are the meanings of poetic metaphors. Because of the dynamic nature of language, at any given moment, two people could ascribe different meanings and applications to the same poem and metaphor. These multiple explanations set poetry apart from other forms of writing. Poetry is able to communicate an evolving thought through which we can discover different perspectives on issues or situations that we might not otherwise. Poetic meanings may be again interpreted differently when a poem i...

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...ogan. In any given advertisement for McDonald’s, a jingle is heard. This jingle was previously played when a voice actor would sing “i’m lovin’ it”. However, in more recent advertisements by the brand, the words are no longer spoken, only the musical notes are played. This is because consumers have become so familiarized with the slogan and the jingle, that a certain collection of musical notes was able to mentally cue a consumer into thinking about “lovin’ it”, whatever “it” is. Even if it logically does not make sense to give love to “it”, most of us cannot help but think of McDonald’s when the familiar tune is heard. The tune is in a major key, and sounds bright and cheery when listened to. This produces a similar feeling to the word “love” when read. McDonald’s included an auditory element to its slogan in order for it to be effective when it is read or heard.

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