Essay on The Omnivore 's Delusion By Blake Hurst

Essay on The Omnivore 's Delusion By Blake Hurst

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In his 2009 article “The Omnivore’s Delusion”, Blake Hurst takes a stand against the numerous non-farmers who are attempting, and in some cases succeeding, to degrade and ‘clean’ the farming industry. Hurst’s main points of contention are the lack of true knowledge these intellectuals have on the inner workings of today’s farms and their insistent belief that the farmers themselves “…are too stupid to farm sustainably, too cruel to treat their animals well, and too careless to worry about their communities, their health, and their families” (24).
Alice Waters, in her 2007 article “Farmer Bill Should Focus on Healthful Foods”, instead of focusing on the farming techniques themselves, makes a more pointed inspection over the products and produce made available for children’s consumption. She highlights the low quality but high caloric foods cafeterias serve to children, made possible due to the Farm Bill’s gradual mutation from a support for farmers in the Great Depression “…into a system of subsidies heavily favoring five crops: corn, cotton, rice, soybeans, and wheat” (31).
Hurst, a farmer himself, is intimately aware of the changes that have occurred in the farming community throughout the years. These changes, from difficult manual labor to chemicals and genetically modified products, are in his opinion a necessary and modern action. When faced with the duty of feeding the world it would be a hard pressed farmer who could be individually responsible for every plant and small field under their care, I agree. Pulling away from nature is not ideal in the least, but with such a large population and so few farmers it feels like we do not really have much of a choice in the matter. These advancements, however, do allow for farmers...

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...close as we can get to creating a safety net to keep ourselves fed even in times of natural struggles.
Also, the food we eat needs to be addressed. Instead of pouring billions of dollars into cash crops that we have a surplus of and gain no real health benefits from, we should be spreading that money around. I understand that our economy requires that we focus on the money-making produce, but what economy will there be when we all die at thirty due to health problems caused by those products? By focusing on more crops the prices of some items might go up, it is expected, but the prices of so many others will go down. A healthy community worldwide, where everyone can eat and eat healthful, would be nice. I would be willing to accept some genetically modified produce if it meant I wouldn’t have to worry about any children I might have being railroaded into obesity.

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