The Olympic Olympics : Seoul Hosted The Summer Olympic Games Essay example

The Olympic Olympics : Seoul Hosted The Summer Olympic Games Essay example

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In the year 1988, Seoul hosted the Summer Olympic Games where the men’s 100-meter dash stirred up a bit of controversy. This track and field event was filled with elite athletes who all had one goal in mind, to win the gold. One of these elite sprinters was Ben Johnson, a Canadian originally born in Jamaica, who was the key reason so much drama unfolded. On September 27th, Ben Johnson broke the world record for the 100-meter dash and won the gold medal. As celebration ensued, many were not ready for what happened the next morning. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) revoked Johnson of his Olympic gold medal due to failing a drug test taken after the race. Although, this is not the core issue, the problem is that he thought it was ok for him to use enhancements because he was certain other competitors were doping as well. What did this prove? That the Olympics were riddled with cheaters? Or that the IOC believed their actions would put a stop to the fight against drugs? Well the confiscation of Johnson’s medal and record did not change much around the world of sports because drugs continued to be an issue for nearly 12 years, and it was already obvious that many athletes used drugs to heighten their performance. The actions committed by Ben Johnson leading up to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Summer Games was morally unethical and the fact that he does not believe so, justifies the IOC’s response in stripping his record breaking accolade.
There are a few ways to look at this issue and in two different points of view. The first is in the view of Ben Johnson who displayed the ethical theory of egoism, and the second can be seen as ethical realism shown by the IOC. Since Johnson believed he was not doing anything wrong and made decis...

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...uming drugs. Of course by making this choice, the IOC received criticism about racism since it is believed that other athletes also used drugs to enhance performance. Amidst the backlash, most were able to come to an understanding with the decisions made by the IOC since Ben Johnson was adamant that his use of drugs was an end to justify the means.
In my opinion, I think that Ben Johnson was unethical in his judgment to take drugs in order to augment his athletic abilities and with how he handled the situation afterwards. On the other hand, I agree with the IOC’s conclusion of the issue because they did as much as they could to make everything fair with out having too many costs. Ben’s display of egoism plus the IOC’s display of Kantian ethics and ethical realism is the principal reason I consider the confiscation of Johnson’s gold medal by the committee warranted.

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