The Olympic Olympics : Marta Karolyi 's Last Year As Head Coach And National Team Coordinator For The Usa

The Olympic Olympics : Marta Karolyi 's Last Year As Head Coach And National Team Coordinator For The Usa

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A month ago the names Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabby Douglas, and Madison Kocian might not mean much to many people. Though the names of Aly and Gabby might raise a small memory of the previous olympics, the others wouldn 't mean very much to the casual civilian. With women 's olympic gymnastics competitions ending on Monday, the five girls have become historic for their sport, and for their country. Each girl on the team brought something incredibly special to the Olympics this year.

Their name? A self titled, The Final Five. why? This year was Márta Károlyi 's last year as head coach and national team coordinator for the USA. They are Márta 's final five, as well as the final team of five women to be sent to the olympics. The next year 's Olympic Gymnastics team will be be a team of four women. Therefore, these five women named themselves the Final Five. The name stuck, and they will be remembered for much more than their creative name.

Overall, the women 's team won nine medals, which is more than the previous record of eight. Another win for the team was the second consecutive team gold for the USA, which is the first back to back team gold for the USA ever. Other first 's is the first woman from the USA getting a gold on vault, Simone Biles holding that historic moment as well as many others for herself this games


To go through each team member, we can start with Gabby Douglas. Gabby Douglas is a 20 year old originally from Virginia. She was known for her come from behind moments at the 2012 Olympics. Hardly anyone suspected she 'd make the team at all, but did and managed to get a gold medal. Her addition to the team scored the USA the first all around team gold in history. Her contribution to the 2...

... middle of paper ... be an absolutely legendary athlete.

The 2016 Olympics proved to be historic for the United States in many sports, and for many athletes. Women 's gymnastics proved to the world that they could not only earn a second consecutive team gold medal, but all but obliterate all other teams in the process. While most teams have a point or decimals in difference, the United States took gold by a massive 9.959 points. The Final Five proved that they are the best of the best earning an over all 9 medals at this Olympic cycle. The women proved to be strong and talented competitors, earning themselves a second consecutive team gold. As long as the United States keeps producing such incredible gymnasts, they 'll keep winning. Much like the Fierce Five, the Final Five are another historic, talented, legendary team for the United States, their sport, as well as to themselves.

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