The Olympic Games : The Best Sporting Event Essays

The Olympic Games : The Best Sporting Event Essays

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Today we recognize the prestigious Olympics every four years and it is labeled as the best sporting event the world has to offer. If you are in the Olympics, you are put into a category of being a supreme athlete and will represent your country with the best of your ability. Olympians are role models to children of all ages because of the simple fact that only a select few get to represent their country in front of millions each four years. The Olympic games is a test of honor and strength and it brings out the best of every participant involved. Some of the athletic games that Olympics have to offer include wrestling, javelin, and boxing, and many more.
Many people have no idea when the Olympics Games started but they date way back to Ancient Greek times around 776 B.C. Back then they had very simple games and contest such as a simple sprint. After awhile they started to add more events such as javelin, discus, wrestling, and even long jump. Around this time the people valued the Olympic games a lot and the ancient Greeks would even stop wars so that they could compete in the covenant Olympic games. After awhile the Olympic games started to change rapidly and many other events were added such as chariot races and boxing to name a few. According to many sources the first winner ever recorded was Koroibos. However, a few years later the Byzantine emperor Theodosius abolished the games in 394 A.D.
The Olympic games were finally brought back many years later and they are known today as the modern Olympics. They were brought back in 1916 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He was involved in sports early in his childhood, and he personally felt the Olympics would help nations come together. The first modern Olympics began in 1916 and 41 ...

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...on three Olympics events in a row then he would have a statue made just for him in honor of his huge accomplishments. In addition to getting their own statue they would also have the honor of not having to pay taxes.
In ancient times athletics were very important to the people. In ancient Greek cultures well educated individuals were expected to be balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually. It was believed that the practice of athletics helps define a person and made everyone different based off of their performance athletically. During this time athletic events were related to religious beliefs and practices of the Greek nation. Every competition was dedicated to a specific God. A prime example being the Olympics which was dedicated to Zeus. Many Greeks believed that the ability they had to perform these physical tasks were a blessing directly from the Gods.

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