The Olympic Games And Its Impact On The World Essays

The Olympic Games And Its Impact On The World Essays

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The Olympic Games plays a significant role in the world. The relationship between it and host countries is important to investigate for comprehending cultural studies. According to Xu and Kirby (2008), the Olympic Games has a considerable impact on the expression of national identity. For example, London applied this approach to promote its national identity. This can be discovered from the BBC video called James Bond escorts The Queen to the opening ceremony in 2012 (2012): an amiable identity is perceived by the audience through presenting corgi at Buckingham Palace. Moreover, China is no exception. There is an image about the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, it shows a spectacular drumming performance. In addition, an article about the performances and China’s soft power was produced by Chen, Colapinto and Luo (2012). These materials prompt a question: how did China apply a particular idea through the performances at the opening ceremony to promote China’s national identity in 2008? Furthermore, as Cronon (n.d.) stated, studying archive is a crucial method in historical research for researching the past. Therefore, the relation between the performances and the articulation of China’s national identity will be explored in archival research. This essay will first explain why this topic is selected, considering requirements of research and background information. In the second part, reasons of why using archive will be investigated. Besides, this essay will present an outline about implementation: archival collection and analysis. Ultimately, deficiencies and suggestions about this outline will be shown in the conclusion.
Four phases of research involving preparation, data collection, analysis and reporting were developed b...

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... does not.” Therefore, establishing selection criterion of high quality is vital for overabundant archives. For example, make a list of authoritative archival sites and conclude keywords in the research question could be adopted. Additionally, a critical attitude should be held towards archives. Referring to the analysis of narrative in archives, influential factors such as political and personal aspects need to be considered. Besides, adopting the approach of the Labovian narrative model may be advantageous for analysing archives (Patterson 2008). This presumes that the efficiency of archival analysis could be improved by the model of Labovian. Accordingly, the archival theory is employed in this research because its benefits and room for improvement. In conclusion, the selection of the research question and method has been considered cautiously and comprehensively.

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