Olivia Pope : The Star Actress Of The Hit Television Drama Show Called Scandal

Olivia Pope : The Star Actress Of The Hit Television Drama Show Called Scandal

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Olivia Pope is the star actress in the hit television drama show called Scandal. Scandal is a show that was written by Shonda Rhimes, the reason that I bring this up is because Shonda’s shows are unique in the fact that she creates real, messed up, broken character’s who have experienced what we call life. Olivia Pope is an extremely successful and powerful woman, who runs her own firm specializing in politics in the heart of Washington, D.C. Olivia is often referred to as a “fixer”, who is dedicated to fixing problems in order to protect public images and reputations, which often comes with a fair share of deception and cover ups. Olivia portrays herself as a strong, independent woman but because she pushes everyone away she often finds herself in vulnerable situations due to her feelings of loneliness. She often spends her nights alone with a bottle of wine and an occasional sexual encounter.
Olivia Pope was raised by both of her parents Maya Lewis and Eli Pope. For the beginning years of Olivia’s life, she was very attached to both her mother and father, all living under the same roof, having family dinners nightly. Because her father worked vigorous hours, she often found herself bonding and relying on her mother, Maya. Olivia lived a very privileged life, which appeared to be your normal powerful family until she finds out that her father and mother are hiding some very dirty secrets. When Olivia was twelve years old, her mother Maya was on board Flight 522, which was traveling to London when it mysteriously was taken down. After investigation, the government ruled the mishap an engine failure, and Olivia believed that her mother died in the crash. Following her mother’s death she never returned to live in her family home. ...

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...oint in Olivia’s life, these are some of the milestones that she should have reached. According to Erikson, once again, because the failure to conquer the last few stages, she is not thriving in this stage either. Olivia often focuses on work before herself, forcing her to live a very unhealthy life style. She is not proud of her accomplishments and she hasn’t achieved a civic responsibility because her work is very deceptive. More often than not, Olivia finds herself conflicted with doing the right thing and winning her case. She is forced at this point in her life to be concerned with only her own needs because there is no one else there to look out for her, so she has leaned towards stagnation in this stage. As we can see through Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory, personality develops throughout the lifetime and our environment influences how we advance.

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