Older Women 's Negotiation Of Aging And Oldness By Laura Hurd Essay

Older Women 's Negotiation Of Aging And Oldness By Laura Hurd Essay

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Out of all the groups that could be defined as stereotyped, oppressed, or judged in anyway, the elderly seems to be one of the most unacknowledged stereotyped groups. This is because they are a group that everyone in the world ends up being a part of, and therefore no one sees them as under represented or oppressed. In the past few weeks, the social work class has been discussing aging populations and specifically theories surrounding aging. The article, “‘We’re Not Old!’ Older Women’s Negotiation of Aging and Oldness” by Laura Hurd (1999) discusses stereotypes surrounding aging as well as ways in which older women are trying to combat those stereotypes. This essay will discuss my view and stereotypes toward elder individuals, as well as how I developed these stereotypes, and finally how I have been affected by the article.
As I stated in the introduction, the elderly seems to be one of the most stereotyped groups. I can at least confirm that this is true for me. When thinking about stereotypes of other groups it is easy to recognize that I am judging them, however with the elderly this is not the case. I believe that I never truly realize that I am being judgmental with this group because old age is a stage of life that I, as well as everyone else, will one day enter into, and therefore I do not think of these individuals as being their own group. This may be why I am so unconsciously judgmental of elder individuals. While investigating my frivolous judgment I realized that I take on the activity theory approach to old age. This is defined in the textbook by stating that “positive aging occurs when older adults stay active and maintain social connections” (Denov et al., 2015, p. 325). I believe this is true because I tend to be...

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...e label and stay healthy as long as possible, yet I also feel that there is nothing wrong with getting older and declining in ability. I love my grandparents despite their abilities and I do not think any less of them based on their abilities.
In conclusion, older adults are more judged and stereotyped than I was originally aware of. I have been guilty of these judgments based on my experiences with elder adults and I plan to work on these judgments in the future. I feel that now that I recognize my judgment I am closer to being able to end this attitude that I have. With this said, I also feel that there is nothing wrong with declining age as it is all part of life, and there is no reason to think any less of older adults who are losing their abilities compared to older adults who are still active. All in all, it is important for everyone to respect their elders.

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