Old Walks Into A Grocery Store Essay

Old Walks Into A Grocery Store Essay

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An 18 year-old walks into a grocery store, ready to buy his new groceries for his new university apartment. He has a limited budget and knows that a man his age needs a large amount of food since he will be up for the next 32 hours studying and going to parties with new friends. First this man goes down the drink aisle. He picks up 2 gallons of skim milk since he was taught in high school that fat makes you fat, and also picks up a pack of Coke for himself and a single Diet Coke for his new lady interest he saw in the library drinking a Diet Coke. Then he continues down the breakfast aisle and gets eggs, and considers getting bacon but doesn’t since he was taught that fat makes you fat. Knowing that whole wheat is good for the body, he goes down the bread aisle and picks up 2 loaves of whole wheat bread, and 1 package of pasta. He needs something to put on the bread, so he continues to get margarine instead of butter since he was taught that fat makes you fat and your body needs carbs more than anything.
But there is something the man is blind to. He is blind to the fact that over half of the people in that store were overweight if not obese and they are buying almost the same things he is buying. He is blind to the fact that in the past 40 years since the notion of “eating fat makes you fat” became popular, obesity has risen over 30% in adults. He is blind to the fact that child obesity has only recently been accepted as normal. He is blind to the fact that in his history classes learning about World War II and the Vietnam War, not one woman, child or man was overweight in any of the pictures showing the lifestyle of the day. But somehow, nutritionists say our ancestors were unhealthy because they ate one thing that was suppose t...

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... of America.
Why blame bad fats in the first place? It seems logical to think that fat makes a person fat, but how untrue that is. Actually, the human body relies on fat more than the average person may think. In Richard Manning’s article, “Fat Matters, Understanding the Science”, he explains, “Fats perform many tasks in your body: They provide energy, wire brain neurons, allow bones to absorb calcium, prevent blood clots, mediate inflammation, and speed nervous-system response -- to name a few”. How does fat do all of this in the body? It all comes down to science. Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, gets a lot of bad reputation and gets called bad cholesterol, when this in fact is also untrue. The DHA in our brains goes around repairing the brain, like how white blood cells goes to repair skin or fight disease. DHA has another name that may be more recognizable: omega-3.

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