The Old Spice Commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Essay

The Old Spice Commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Essay

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Advertisements have been utilized for many years to sell products. The very popular company Old Spice, who is one of the top men’s hygienic production companies, is well known for their series of humorous advertising campaigns that uses references to the ideals of what a stereotypical masculine man is supposed to be characterized as. The Old Spice commercial, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” that first appeared during the Superbowl in 2010, illustrates that the company successfully utilizes the influence of humor, gender stereotypes, and ethos and pathos to connect emotionally with the audience and persuades men to start using Old Spice Red Zone body wash so that insecure men can become more of a masculine man that females will desire.
The Old Spice commercial, features the Old Spice spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa, who happens to be a former NFL player and actor. Mustafa essentially symbolizes the “perfect man” in today’s society. Isiah Mustafa is tall, physically attractive man that displays the idea of what society has defined as masculinity, with includes physical characteristics such as being muscular, having broad shoulders, tone abs, and a fully bearded face. Since Mustafa embodies a lot of the masculine characteristics like his deep voice and muscular figure, he creates the ideal of what a “real man” to both men and women. Throughout the entire commercial, he does not take his eyes off of the camera a single time and starts to talk with very forceful requirements, which is directing the females on where to look. He states, “Look at your man, now back to me, back to your man, now back to me.” Mustafa’s sturdy posture, captivating tone, and his smooth behavior resembles the “alpha male” demeanor. The commercial also shows diamo...

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...dies”. These advertisements appeal to the men’s emotions and forces them to desire to a masculine man, therefore influencing men to purchase the Old Spice body wash that will intuitively make them a “real man”.
The Old Spice commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” which was first advertised during the 2010 Superbowl, was a very successful and persuasive advertisement. The commercial’s mixture of gender stereotypes, rhetorical strategies, and humor, effectively encourages their viewers to purchase the Old Spice body wash, as well as the other Old Spice products to meet the masculine ideals that modern society has created. Old Spice labels Isaiah Mustafa as the ideal man that every woman wants in their life, so what that does is convince the insecure men in the world who are not Isaiah Mustafa to buy Old Spice products to become more of a masculine man like him.

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