Old Navy Is Owned By The Gap, Inc. Essay

Old Navy Is Owned By The Gap, Inc. Essay

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It may be surprising to some to find out that Old Navy is owned by The Gap, Inc. It may be even more surprising to find out that not only does Gap own Old Navy, it owns Banana Republic and Intermix as well. Some may ask themselves why one corporation owns so many different clothing retail stores. The answer is very simple. Every retail store creates an identity for its customers. Everyone asks themselves before starting any day, “What am I going to wear today?” Our clothes are important to us, not just because they cover us and keep us warm, but because they allow us to express ourselves. Our wardrobes gives us identities. Through comparison with some of its sister brands and analysis of its ads and spatial design, it is clear to see that Old Navy creates an identity for the lower middle class mom as someone who maintains for herself and her family, the American standards of presentability.
To understand the customer at Old Navy, we must go back to its origins, and by consequence the origin of The Gap, Inc. Gap was founded by Don Fisher because he could not find a pair of jeans that fit him. He focused on targeting young adults by selling nothing in his store except jeans and music records. The store was doing so well that eventually it stopped selling records and began making its own line of jeans. The Gap became extremely successful with this and began expanding exponentially. People loved the classic yet modern look of Gap. It became the go to store for anything denim. It is understandable why young adults are always found shopping at Gap. Everyone knows that those who shop at Gap are hip and cool. They create a high-end casual look with their wardrobes form Gap.
Later, Gap would proceed to acquire Banana Republic in 1983. Ba...

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...e and take charge.
In short, Old Navy represents everything that its sister brands do not. Gap, Banana Republic, and Intermix are brands that have a high end look to their clothes. Old Navy has become much more popular in recent years because of the American standard it upholds without draining its customers’ wallets. In the past few years, sales figures from Gap have declined while Old Navy sales have consistently grown. Because of the downward spiral the American economy has been on, the middle class is virtually non existent now. Unfortunately, for the majority of the American people, this meant falling lower on the social hierarchy. Old Navy gives these people the opportunity to show the world that although they, and their families are a part of a lower social class, they can still maintain their image of presentability as deemed appropriate by American culture.

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