Old Female Of Native American Descent Essay

Old Female Of Native American Descent Essay

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 Charlotte Nez visited our clinic October 15, 2016 at 11:45 A.M. The patient is a five year old female of Native American Descent and is affiliated with the Navajo tribe in Arizona. Born May 15, 2011, she is 45 pounds and is roughly 42 inches tall. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and attends Sunrise elementary school. Four months ago, she had an upper respiratory infection which required hospitalization.
 Her mother, Daisy Taya revealed that Charlotte demonstrated drainage in her left ear while visiting her father, Thomas Nez. She insinuated that Charlotte’s father did not take her to the doctor even after recurrent ear infections during the three month summer break. Daisy is worried about Charlotte’s academics and her ability to socialize, she also fears Charlotte is falling behind her peers with regard to education.
 Regarding Charlotte’s case history, she passed her newborn screening and so far achieved the developmental milestones without any concern. Her speech and language has been fairly typical until her ear infections occurred. Daisy revealed that Charlotte mispronounces her words and seems confused. Charlotte’s teachers revealed that she displays struggle understanding language and sorting out speech sounds.
 We advised Charlotte to have a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine if she has hearing loss in her left ear. We needed to know the type, degree, and configuration to make an accurate decision, having knowledge of the frequencies that she can detect will be beneficial as well.
 Charlotte shows trouble comprehending certain words and uses a louder speech volume. Charlotte states that she hears ringing in her left ear and we noticed that she constantly rubs her left ear. We de...

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...n and her teacher’s commentary that Charlotte shows disinterest and laziness is discouraging. This contributes to self-doubt and a negative self-concept. Not having the ability to completely hear and apply scholastic skills can lead to a lack of proficiency academically and socially.
 This website is specifically for parents elucidating middle ear infections and ear tube surgery.
 This website supports learning success for children with hearing loss due to ear infections.
 This website is from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which provides anatomical and medical information regarding ear infections in children.

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