Old Car vs. New Car Essay

Old Car vs. New Car Essay

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Cars general work with the engine turning over from the driver using their key which makes the four piston strokes start. Once that happens, it starts moving getting hot and while that is happening, it moves the transmission belt which moves the alternator, and the alternator starts generating power through kinetic energy which in turns keeps the battery powered so you don’t lose power while driving. After the engine does that then power is supplied to the various computers in the car which gets it started moving. The steering wheel is attached to a steering column and the several other parts of the steering linkage so steering is possible. The brakes have two different types on the front there can usually be disc rotors which work by the rotor being mounted on the rotor hub and held in place with the mounting bracket on the mounting bracket are brake pads which squeeze the rotor which cause the car slow down or stop. The brakes on the rear are drum brakes which are similar to disc brakes, but they have brake shoes which expand to stop or slow down the car. This is not always true though some cars just have disc brakes and some older cars have drum brakes the reason for this is because disc is more reliable than drum brakes. Of course after all that you would remove the key and it would then stop the engine and the belt from turning and then the majority of the electrical stuff turns off except for the battery.
For an old 1964 Mustang I would check it for any type of problem or missing piece that is not listed in the owner manual or on any type of instructions. Besides a basic inspection I would check fluid levels, keep the battery charged, and battery cables clean make sure no rust is present and keep the exterior nice and polish...

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...a higher insurance as well the rates and how much it would go up if you wrecked also because a new car has a better chance of being stolen over an older car. There are a ton of other reason to choice new as well as old and ton of reason not to choose either, but that would just go on forever and lead to more research on this topic but plain flat out and simple is that the choice is a hard one and in the end it could be a bad choice or good, but at the same time in the end you can still get from point A to point B or C or K or whatever by driving rather than you having to walk all over the place.

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