The Old And New Attitudes Toward Sexuality And The Proper Behavior Of Women

The Old And New Attitudes Toward Sexuality And The Proper Behavior Of Women

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The old and new attitudes toward sexuality and the proper behavior of women is very apparent in the play called A Doll House. The play shows how each woman has sacrificed who they were for the men and the other people in their lives. The play also shows how men see women in general. Several characters give up who they thought they were meant to be, because of the social aspect in their lives. Society has always placed a burden on women as who they are supposed to be as wives, mothers, and as adult women. Women were seen as the inferior sex in the past and in the present. Things have changed over the years as women earn more and more freedom and rights that men have had for a very long time. The sacrifices that are made in this play speak to how things work for women in society. Women give up their right to happiness because they feel obligated to change who they are to help someone else.
The men in this play see women as possessions to own. Nora points out that women aren’t supposed to do things to save the lives of the men that they care for. Nora says, “A daughter hasn’t the right to protect her dying father from anxiety and care? A wife hasn’t a right to save her husband’s life?” (Ibsen 1206). Women are supposed to be seen as the weaker gender. They shouldn’t have to do things to protect the men in their lives. The men are supposed to be able to save themselves. Men are seen as the strong protector of their wives and women. They should be able to protect their family and provide for them. This is because women and wives are seen as something that belongs to a man. There are other women in this play that sacrifice who they are for men. Mrs. Linde gives up the love of her life to marry someone who has money. She needed money for...

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...or her husband because she loved him like he loved her. It turned out that her husband really didn’t love her for who she was, but what he wanted her to be. Nora realized that she didn’t have to sacrifice herself for the man that she thought she loved because he would never sacrifice himself for her.
This play was mainly about the roles that different men and women played during a certain period of time. The roles of these men and women are different than the roles that men and women play today. We all may feel the need to sacrifice something for someone else and sometimes it’s worth it. The differences between now and then is that the sacrifices that we make are seen by the people we love. Respect for our sacrifices and our ability to make changes that are need is appreciated by men and other people. We no longer need to leave who we were behind for someone else.

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