Olaudah Equiano And The Slave Trade Essay

Olaudah Equiano And The Slave Trade Essay

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Olaudah Equiano was a freed slave living in London who made it his life person to abolish the British slave trade. His knowledge and training of the English language allowed him to grow into one of the key figures in the movement to abolish the slave trade in England. Although many scholars acknowledge his incredible talent, there has been evidence in the recent years that may question his reliability as a first-hand account. There is evidence to support that Equiano may have been born in South Carolina. This evidence does not make him a valid source of information about the slave trade and leads his audience to question his statements.
Olaudah Equiano claims that his sister and him were kidnapped in Africa and brought to the colonies at the age of 11. However, there are many scholars that believe he was born in South Carolina. It is possible that he could have been born in Africa, but there is more evidence saying that he was originally born in the colonies. If he was born in South Carolina, he is no longer a reliable firsthand account of what life is like on the slave trade. Equia...

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