Oklahoma; is Anti-Abortion the Right Decision? Essay

Oklahoma; is Anti-Abortion the Right Decision? Essay

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When one thinks of the word “abortion,” it is often met with a feeling of uneasiness and mixed emotions. Abortion is one of those topics that most try to avoid; after all, it is the killing of an innocent child. Unfortunately, people’s tendencies to shy away from the subject leaves many left in the dark on the controversial issues it entails. This country was built on the foundation of inalienable rights to liberty and “the pursuit of happiness.” Liberty is defined as “freedom from control, interference, and restrictive conditions (“Liberty”). U.S. citizens have the right of doing, thinking, and speaking in accordance to choice, and abortion is no exception. What sense does it make to give a woman the right to vote, but take away her right to choose what she does with her body? Abortion has a tendency to stir up emotions, regardless of if you are pro-life or pro-choice. So, it comes to no surprise that Oklahoma has been under fire since its biggest wave of abortion restrictions flooded the state after the Republican’s victory in the 2010 elections. Oklahoma’s abortion laws have brought on national attention in regards to the state’s attempt to reduce access to abortion, specifically, a law that was passed in 2011, which restricts or prevents doctors from prescribing the drug “mifeprex” that is used to induce medicinal abortion (Henry). Since then, some of the states abortion laws, such as; requiring women who want abortions to hold an ultrasound in front of them while they hear a description of the baby, have been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (Talley). Other laws on the matter, however, are still enforced. Such as; criminal bans on abortion, bans on abortion exceeding 20 weeks, refusal to provide medical services, ...

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