Essay about Oil Spill : A Long Lasting Catastrophe That Can Be A Very Slow Killer

Essay about Oil Spill : A Long Lasting Catastrophe That Can Be A Very Slow Killer

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Oil spills are a long lasting catastrophe that can be a very slow killer. The Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill was one of the most devastating accidents that has ever occurred to the Gulf of Mexico’s marine ecosystems. The British Petroleum, (BP) also known as the Petroleum Industry Company is one of the world 's largest oil industries and is at fault for the Deepwater Horizon incident. This accident covered thousands of living organisms such as cetaceans, birds, and corals in crude oil. The oil spill also greatly affected the coastal wetlands. The effects among the victims and regions were horrendous that it caused many devastating effects on the environment, which in return affected the world.
The 2010 DeepWater Horizon oil spill was one of the largest oil spills ever released into the ocean. The DWH oil platform located near Venice, Louisiana, exploded and submerged into the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th 2010. It continuously released oil for 87 days in the northern coastline and dispersed at an estimate of 670 miles from the leakage. It released about five million barrels of crude oil into the ocean. Engineers later recognized that the natural gas escaped from a fracture in the core of the platform. The natural gas traveled up the DWH rig’s riser to the platform and ignited. This killed 11 workers and severely injured 17. Although this incident harmed many humans, it also devastated the ocean 's ecosystem.
Many of the living organisms within the Gulf of Mexico suffered greatly. Ultimately, “the spill made cetaceans more vulnerable to the environmental dangers.” (Yang 254). In fact, “the number of stranded cetaceans in the Gulf has nearly quadrupled” since the 2010 leakage. (Mole 10). An estimate of 1,100 whales and dolphi...

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... and became more vulnerable to environmental illnesses. Thousands of migratory shorebirds were also affected in multiple ways. They battled a decrease in health within their body functions which caused a sudden decrease in the population. Coral reefs also had a tremendous amount of difficulty due to the oil spill. Many miles of the coral communities remained covered for five weeks. They all showed signs of severe illness and little hope for recovery. Lastly, the coastal wetlands of Louisiana 's Mississippi River Delta provided a nursery and a home for many living organisms. The oil spill destroyed many miles of the fragile wetlands and this caused it to require decades to fully recover. The DWH oil spill demolished many of the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystems and although there are many helpful organizations, it will take many decades to recover the ocean’s ecosystems.

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